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Services We Offer

Connolly Tree Preservation offers a variety of services to help with all of your tree care needs.   Every work site is left immaculate and we are bonded and insured.

Our Services Include:

We offer crown thinning, crown cleaning, crown raising or crown reduction.  The optimal way to thoroughly prune a tree (crown thinning) is the rope and saddle method.  Bucket trucks cannot access most trees for proper thinning.  The benefits of a properly pruned tree are health, aesthetics and storm resistance.  All of our pruning is done according to ANSI 300 standards; standards used by professional arborists.

Plant Health Care
This encompasses insect and disease management, fertilizing, and monitoring.  We offer full programs for trees and shrubs or individual diagnostics and treatments.  Our focus is to use environmentally friendly products with low environmental impact.

Cabling and Bracing                                                                                                   
Weak branch attachments can be cabled or braced to help lessen the chance of failure.

Lightning Protection
The National Fire Protection Association recommends that trees within 10 feet of structures, are taller than the structure or have limbs extending over the structure, should have a lightning protection system.  These systems not only protect the tree, they also reduce the chance of damage to the structure itself.

Tree Removal                                                                                                   
We would prefer to use our expertise to preserve your trees, but there are times when removal becomes necessary.  Trees in decline, damaged, or interfering with projects, are all candidates for removal.                     

Replacement Planting
If it becomes necessary to remove a tree, we offer select planting services of specimen trees.  Our expertise will allow proper care of your tree(s) as it matures.

Construction Consultation
We offer both residential and commercial pre-construction advice.  Proactive measures can mean the difference between life and death of trees you would like to preserve.  Don't put the cart before the horse!

Tree Appraisal
Using ISA standards, we can evaluate any plants lost or damaged by storm, negligence, etc.  Tree values are sometimes required by insurance companies for settlement or tax purposes.

Storm Cleanup
Our qualified staff and modern equipment enable us to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.

"We are a true, full service, tree care company!   All services offered above are performed by Connolly Tree Preservation, not sub-contractors."