Tree Care & Preservation for New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick & Onslow Counties


Tree Care Tips

Flooded or Overwatered Trees: Symptoms & Treatment

drowning trees with water covering the roots

Whether it’s due to the after-effects of a hurricane or flooding, or simply from overwatering, trees can suffer from too much water. Essentially, waterlogged trees can drown. Learn to recognize the signs of damage due to excess water and how to help your trees recover.

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Tree Roots and Damage to Sidewalks, Foundations, and Plumbing

tree root issues

Tree roots are often blamed for ruining a lot of things around them. They have been known to lift sidewalks, infiltrate sewage systems, and cause tripping hazards. But are tree roots the true culprit, or are they taking the fall for the real issue? We investigate. Join us as we get to the root of…

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Why Trees Need Winter Watering in Wilmington, NC

winter tree watering

People often assume that trees don’t need to be watered during the winter. In fact, many trees will benefit from regular winter watering and some, such as newly planted or highly stressed trees, will need that extra moisture to survive – even if they’re dormant.

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Best Hurricane-Resistant Trees to Plant in the Wilmington, NC Area

hurricane resistant trees

Landscapes that have well-maintained, healthy trees fare better in hurricanes and tropical storms, so we provided a list of hurricane-resistant trees to plant in the Wilmington, North Carolina area. Read on for some tips on how to properly plant and care for these wind-resistant trees on your property.

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Tree Fertilization: Why, When and How

tree fertilization wilmington nc

Trees in forests don’t get fertilized and they look just fine. So why should you fertilize trees in your home or commercial landscape? We cover the ins and outs of tree fertilization for a healthy, beautiful landscape.

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Prevent Hurricane Damage – Prune Your Trees!

hurricane - tree pruning

Hurricanes in the Wilmington area uproot trees, break branches and topple trees onto homes. But by taking some preventive measures now you can minimize the risk of hurricane damage caused by trees. Here are the things to look for and what you can do about it.

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Growing Southern Live Oaks in North Carolina

spanish moss on live oak

Southern live oaks are majestic. Iconic. A true symbol of the South. You can’t but stop and admire them, especially when they form a canopy over a road or show off their Spanish moss accessories on their long, curved branches. But how much do you know about these nearly evergreen trees that are so well-loved…

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Benefits of Trees in your Wilmington, NC Landscape

wilmington NC trees

Even if you’ve lived in the Wilmington area for a while, you may not realize how important trees are here. They become such a normal part of our landscape that eventually you might not notice them anymore, even the majestic official tree of the City of Wilmington: the southern live oak. But trees are more…

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