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Removing a tree is not a DIY job. It requires a professional with the experience, equipment, skills and safety record to do it properly.

Tree Removal Options

We would prefer to use our expertise to preserve your trees, but there are times when removal becomes necessary. Our Certified Arborists can help you determine whether or not a tree can be saved, or if it would be better to remove the tree.

Below are some of the reasons trees are cut down -

  • The tree is dead or dying, causing a hazardous situation as it continues to deteriorate
  • The tree poses a significant safety hazard to property and people, and the problem cannot be resolved through other means
  • The tree is obstructing access and pruning alone cannot clear the way
  • The tree is crowding and harming other nearby trees
  • The tree is going to be replaced with a different, more suitable tree
  • Nearby construction will severely damage or kill the tree

How We Remove Trees

Tree removal, particularly in tight spaces or near structures (such as your home), is definitely not a DIY job. It requires specialized equipment, including safety equipment, and extensive skills and training to do it efficiently, properly and safely.

The Certified Arborists at Connolly Tree Preservation take pride in safely removing trees from nearly any landscape. We take great care so as not to damage property or structures and our experienced tree care professionals will be onsite to make sure all of our staff are following the highest safety standards.

Replacement Planting

If a tree, unfortunately, has to be removed, we can help you decide on a viable replacement that is suitable for your property and our unique climate. From advice to installation, you decide.

tree removal with crane

I contracted for Connolly Tree Preservation to remove two huge trees from my front yard. They arrived as scheduled with the necessary equipment and completed the job efficiently, safely and professionally. A very pleasant experience. I highly recommend Connolly Tree Preservation to anyone needing any tree work done on their property.

Patrick Raynor